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BBQ Grill Cleaning Brick Block

BBQ Grill Cleaning Brick Blocks are made of 100% ecological material. That is odorless and nontoxic does not absorb grease and gunk and safe for people, animals, plants, and water. It won’t scratch your ceramic tile and metal, these Cleaning Bricks are your safe solution. These Grill Bricks are easy to use and work better when dry.

Grill brick is a lightweight block with a natural anti-slip grip that will make cleaning feel like a walk in the park without having a handle or spikes getting in the way. The Grill Stones size of cleaning blocks has durable de-scaling construction so as to enhance the cleaning process without straining your hands or wrists. Handheld nonslip grip brick is designed in such a way so as to be extremely convenient to use.

Grill blocks Cleaning Stone better, faster, and with less effort when compared to a wire brush. Blocks just break down into dust rather than potentially pieces of wire,you'd better use it on a grill while it is getting hot, then follow up with a wet rag a couple of times to take all the rust off before cooking.

  • Fast cleaning speed, very easy to wash the oven.
  • Made of safe and non-toxic materials.
  • Grill brick is a lightweight block with a natural anti-slip grip. 


  • Tool Type: Barbecue cleaning stone
  • Feature: Easily Cleaned
  • Feature: Non-Stick
  • Certificate: CE
  • Material: Foam glass
  • Finishing: Stone
  • Type: Tools
  • Includes:  Cleaning Stone