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Nylon Mesh Horticulture Plant Crawl Net

Sturdy Nylon - Green nylon mesh, fixed at four corners, mesh 10*10 cm, Elastic Garden Plant Trellis Net has good heat and cold resistance, more wear resistance, toughness, and elongation is very good, increases the service life, and can be used for several years. Horticulture Plant Crawl Net is used for traction and growth of clematis, morning glory, cucumber, loofah, and other vine plants, and has a supporting function.

Adjustable Plant Climbing Net: Not only helps the canopy management, allowing plants to be exposed to the best air and light, but also helps to maximize space and reduce ground contact, leading to plant corruption. Plant Climbing Net, which can be cut to any size to fit all kinds of plants, flowers, hanging over trees, gardens, or even a wall. Nylon Mesh Plant Crawl Net suitable for both vertical and horizontal use.

Excellent Load-bearing Capacity - Fanteecy's Trellis Netting mesh has knots between them to make it easier to slip on and is made by twisting 24 strands of monofilament. Cucumbers, pumpkins, tomatoes, grapes, these heavier fruits, and vegetables climb on Vine Grow Holder without any problem.


  • Made of high-density nylon mesh with a UV absorber.
  • Beautiful appearance, safe, and environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to use and fix.
  • More wear resistance.
  • Hardness and elongation are very good.


  • Material: Nylon
  • Size: 0.9X1.8M,1.8X1.8M,1.8X2.7M
  • Mesh: 10*10 cm
  • Product List: Crawling Net*1