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LED Solar Mosquito Killer Lamp

Multi-Functional: This Solar Light with Bug Zapper attracts and kills mosquitoes while providing white LED light for your lawn, garden, path, residential area park tourist area street lamp repellent insect.

Effectively Kill Insects: Solar LED Lights are very attractive to insects, attract insects close to the lamp, and then use electricity to kill them. Solar Led Anti-Mosquito Lamp is a good way to kill flies and bugs, no smell, no environmental pollution.

Solar Powered: Rechargeable Anti-Mosquito Lamp is recharged by solar panels under sunlight, automatic charging during the day. This Solar Panel is made of polysilicon and has 2V 40mA, safe and environmentally friendly.

Easy Installation: Without having to hire an expensive electrician, without the use of chemicals will not cause harm to humans and does not require wiring. Just bury the solar insect light in the ground.


  • Safe for human health, no chemicals, no smoke, no peculiar smell.
  • No pesticides, Non-toxic, harmless to people and pets.
  • Small size, easy to carry, and does not take up space.
  • Suitable for indoor, outdoor, family, bedroom, living room, kitchen, office, garden, camping, tent, camping.


  • Suitable For: Mosquitoes
  • Type: Bug Zappers
  • LED Color: White and Purple.
  •  Material : ABS PC Plastic .
  •  Package Size : 5.9 * 5.9 * 6.1 inch .
  •  Weight : 0.33 lb .
  •  Light Source Type : LED .
  •  LED Number : 2 .
  •  Power : 0.8 W .
  •  Battery : Ni-MH AA 1.2V , Solar Power .