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Wall Hanging Planting Bags

4/9/18/49/72 Pocket Vertical Garden Planters are the ideal hanging planters for plants, flowers, herbs, and succulents, turning any unused or ugly area into a vibrant and lush vertical garden, a large piece of a green wall of collocation's green plants can make people feel comfortable. Vertical Planter Growing Bag is designed with superior nonwoven fabric better than plastic containers.

In order to accommodate more soil, our producers have widened the pockets, designed three accommodation modes to meet daily needs. Wall Hanging Planting Bags can be easily mounted on a wall using reinforced metal eyelets for strength. 

Hanging Garden Pockets are made of Felt Cloth that is a high-quality environmental protection material. Anti-ultraviolet, anti-corrosion, sunscreen, heat, the pouches of the Hanging Planter achieve the perfect combination of high water retention and steady slow-release irrigation to avoid water stagnation and to keep your plants healthy.

Garden Grow Bags are suitable for Yards, fences, apartments, balconies, courtyards, campuses, communities, and roof gardens, any place you want to change. You can hang up our Home Vertical Planting Bags, and will definitely make your surprise.


  • 100% new brand and high quality.
  • Breathable, water retaining felt materials very conducive to plant growth no matters indoor or outdoor.
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic materials for safe, long-term use.
  • Provides easy vertical Garden Solution.
  • Match several planters together for covering large wall areas.
  • You can Move and change Plants at will.
  • Perfect use for small or large yards, patios, schoolyards, apartments, balconies,
  • Green plants release a lot of oxygen; purifying air, pleasant eye touch.


  • Material: Non-woven fabric
  • Color: Green, Black
  • Size: As shown

Package includes:
1* Gardening Grow Bag